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Training Options

  1. Private, One-on-One
  2. Small Groups
  3. Corporate Clients
  4. Seminars
  5. Government/Military/Police/Special Forces

ALL instruction will be tailored, exactly, to your individual needs, desires and talents.

I will also include a fitness/training regimen for health and wellness, and will build a portfolio based on medical history, aptitude, and experience.

ALL hand-to-hand combat training, and weapons skills (if desired, and both offensive and defensive), will be "functionally-based" in KRAV MAGA, the world's highest rated (Israeli) hand-to-hand combat system. 

However, there will be quite an extensive infusion of Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) and Japanese JuJutsu, as well as Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Savate and Western Boxing.

This is not as complicated as it sounds, and my clients will attest that it is a straight-ahead, no-nonsense way to learn life-saving skills; plus, it's truly fun!


Private Instruction

Private instruction is available upon request, and references may be provided. I have vast experience here, especially with corporate executives and security specialists; however, anyone may inquire, and training can be implemented either at Virtuoso Fighting Arts's facilities, or even in private homes and work offices.

Corporate/Group Classes

Special rates are available to corporate groups for their on-going training needs and purposes. As well, sometimes a company's insurance may cover these costs under their "wellness" clause.


A favorite practice of martial arts schools is to bring in, from time to time, a qualified expert from another discipline. Whether a two, three or even four-hour seminar is requested, all participants will be guaranteed to walk away with new techniques and fresh ideas that can be readily applied to anyone's personal needs.

High School Senior Girls' College Prep-Self-Defense Course

One out of four women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus, and one out of eight women will be raped while in college. The statistics further bear out that alcohol and drugs are usually a factor and that nearly 90% of these women knew their attacker, and more than half of these assaults occurred on a date. Need I say more? These classes can be individual or small group, and a favorite approach is for moms and daughters to train together.