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Lead Instructor: Michael Fath

Krav Maga, Japanese JuJutsu, Kali, Krav Sakeen, Jeet Kune Do, Combat JiuJitsu, Western Boxing and Muay Thai


Martial Arts Ranks Related Training Certifications

  • 5th degree Black Belt Master Krav Maga
  • 4th degree Black Belt Master Taekwondo
  • 5th degree Black Belt Master Israeli Kickboxing
  • 4th degree Black Belt Master Korean Sword
  • 4th degree Black Belt Master Veritas Laminae (knife art)
  • 2nd degree Black Belt Hapkido
  • Muay Thai Certified (Scott Sullivan)
  • Brown Belt Yang Ki Yin/Yabe Ryu JuJutsu
  • Blue Belt 3rd degree Brazilian JiuJitsu (Relson Gracie/Tony Waldecker)
  • Vale Tudo/Street-Fighting (Leonard Smith)
  • Kali (David Carter)
  • Apprentice Instructor Jeet Kune Do (JKDAA)

I have several experts (and personal friends) in various martial arts disciplines available for consulting, personal training and specialized seminar instruction events; and, from time to time will call upon them for your personal needs.