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Virtuoso Fighting Arts Testimonials - there is no greater testimonial than referrals.

Law Enforcement, Military, Special Ops

"Michael Fath is a talented and intuitive self defense instructor. During the time that I trained with Michael he assisted in identifying my strengths as well as the areas that needed improvement. His training focused on reality situations and instinctive responses to threats as they materialize. I enjoyed training with Michael and found it to be relevant and beneficial to my employment as a law enforcement officer of more than twenty-five years."

Det. Irv ELLMAN (Alexandria, VA Police Department)

"Instructor Michael Fath has been a dedicated coach of mine in Krav Maga for many years. His passion for the art is responsible for the integration of Krav Maga into my Defensive Tactics lesson plan for my police department. His strong ethos, coupled with his vast experience and black belts in other martial arts, continue to inspire me and other students to go above and beyond our potential."

Detective Leo Bello (Arlington County Police, VA)

"Michael has a vast knowledge of the martial arts. The variety allows him to adapt his teaching to your specific needs! I highly recommend him as an instructor!"

Chris Todd (Former MPDC Sgt.)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Michael on a one on one basis over a short four-week period. During that time frame we managed to complete 29 hours of basic Krav Maga training. Spending most of my working life as a Security Manager in High Threat Environments I am 100% sure that the time and financial outlay has been worthwhile. Michael is an excellent communicator and instructor; I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn how to look after themselves in an environment where weapons are not an option. I look forward to training with Michael once again in a couple of month's time."

Paul Clarke (British Security Specialist)


"I am often asked why I study Krav Maga. Do I plan to be in places prone to knife fights or other altercations? No, I do not. However, I would guess that most people who find themselves in bad situations would say that was not their intent - it just happened.

Krav offers very practical solutions to real life assault scenarios that are seen almost daily in the news. From day one, you are instructed in techniques for defending against, and extracting yourself from such situations. These are valuable lessons for us all, regardless of age, physical conditioning, or sex. That, combined with the stretching, conditioning, and excellent instruction in a wide variety of skills is why I study Krav, and what makes Virtuoso Fighting Arts Krav Maga the ideal choice."

Janet Gilman

"Michael has brought awareness to my wife and me of the dangers we face every day in our free society. Simply acknowledging that there can be real threats to ourselves is the first step, but Michael has gone much further and taken the time to understand not only our individual abilities, but also how we LEARN. He tailors his instruction, taking advantage of how we best process the information, and makes our instructional time together worth far more than what we expected. Both my wife and I are very happy we have begun working with Michael and feel better armed to deal with every day situations we hear about on a daily basis in our newspapers and broadcasts.

My personal instruction has proven so rewarding that members of our firm are working with Michael to develop a corporate instruction plan to provide any and all interested employees the benefit of Michael's instruction."

Mike Waddell

"If you are seeking skills as a professional law enforcement officer, DOD down range contractor, or civilian working after hours traveling on metro or traveling to remote locations, this training is essential to your personal protection. You will learn how to defend yourself, anticipate dangerous situations, avoid conflicts, and reduce conflict in situations. But, most importantly, you will learn to survive if the situation requires you to protect yourself.

I have known Michael as both a personal friend and martial arts instructor for almost 20 years. In that time, Michael has made dramatic strides improving and refining his skills as both an instructor, and career martial artist. Michael has a rational and realistic grasp on the techniques and situational applications of personal protection, something not often associated with traditional martial arts. I am consistently impressed with what Michael teaches, his creative approaches to learning and sharing, and I am very confident that what he teaches is both tested and practical.

Anyone that wants street effective skills for personal protection, and focused leadership in the instructional environments should seriously consider working with Michael for the long term."

Jay Aceto

"The training is great, the students are friendly. When I came here, I didn't even know how to throw a punch. I've learned how to do that, and much more."

Evan Benoit

"Whether you're 105 or 255 lbs, Virtuoso Fighting Arts trains against real world attack scenarios of guns, knives, and hands. It's a great morning workout with self-defense benefits."

Eric Dean

"I started Krav Maga training about 18 months ago because I wanted to be able to defend my family and myself. It was great because Michael (head instructor) completely understood this line of reasoning. After a few months of training I realized my core strength and flexibility had improved, and my stress levels had decreased significantly. This has been an amazing change in my life, because I have had lower back surgery, as well as shoulder issues. Krav has not only increased my ability to defend myself, but has helped me heal from these past injuries, and has improved my character because of the discipline required, and how humbling it is to realize how little you know.

I look forward to every class because the people I train with are fun, and because Michael is a solid individual as well as an amazing Krav instructor."

Kevin Fox

"Michael Fath incorporates a broad range of experience from many martial arts and incorporates them into his teachings, providing an extraordinarily deep perspective to each technique taught. His classes not only deliver a physical challenge but are designed to challenge you mentally, encouraging you to develop your own personal style, utilizing the tools you learn in class as well as when and how those techniques are most effective. Michael expertly works with students to assist them in refining their techniques making group sessions feel like one on one coaching."

Joshua Occhiuzzo

"I have been studying Krav Maga at Virtuoso Fighting Arts for less than a year. The class is accessible and, as a busy professional, the 7:00 a.m. time slot works perfectly for me. Previously, I had studied Aikido and Judo for years. I have easily learned more about unarmed combat in the 7 or 8 months that I have trained at Virtuoso Fighting Arts than in the 4-5 years that I studied traditional "martial arts."

Krav Maga blends together the functional techniques of American Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu and combative self-defense into a real world fighting system. As the Israelis do not have time to waste on inefficient combat techniques, they have designed a program that works, plain and simple. As an added bonus, it's a great workout.

At 48, I have never been in better overall physical condition. I highly recommend the training at Virtuoso Fighting Arts for anyone who wants to be highly competent in unarmed self-defense against single or multiple adversaries."

Gerald R. Curran, Esquire

Current and Former Instructors

Despite his years of training he still holds the "empty cup" philosophy and constantly seeks to improve his skills and deepen his knowledge. He approaches his training with humility and courage. As a father of two girls he realizes the need for effective self-defense that actually works, thus he is never content. While seeking to improve his own ability he also seeks to share his knowledge and empower others. I have met his students and have been impressed with the fruits of his labor."

Moshe Katz, Head Instructor IKI, Israel